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Streamate Models Review

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Streamate is one of the biggest private based webcam sites, as with all sites, it can have it’s good and bad days.  However Streamate is known in the industry to be a consistent money earner.    It’s not unheard of to make between $1K to $2K a week if you have a set schedule.

Streamate is a private site, this means that there is no nudity in free chat.   Members will take you to a private cam room and pay per minute.   Most members might ask a few questions before taking you to private. This is not always the case though, some open a private session straight up.

This is where you need to learn how to hustle, every girls hustle is different, what works for one, won’t for another.  Some days I have extra energy, so I will greet every person that comes into my room, I will smile and laugh, I will lick my lips and give the camera the come hither look, I will ask the members what they are looking for, or sometimes say outright, “Would you like to go to private”.  Over time you will learn what feels right for you.

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Streamate gives you the ability to set your own private rates.  Private rates can vary greatly between all the girls on the site.    There are two types of privates you need to set your rates for.      One rate for open private, one member can take you to private, but others members can join and watch too.   (All members in the room will be paying the set rate per minute) or exclusive private.   Which means it’s closed. No one else can come in other than you and the member paying.    Generally your exclusive rate will be higher than your private rate.

Streamate Review Continued:

Streamate also offers “gold shows”.   You can set a goal amount of how much gold you want, and describe what you will do once your goal amount has been reached.   Many different members can contribute to this goal amount and any member that contributes gets to see the show once it’s started.    As example – At 100 Goal I will do a striptease, then pleasure myself until I cum for 10 mins.  New girls won’t have the option of Gold Shows straight away.

Streamate has a rating system, which defaults at 5 stars when you first start.   Each member can rate your private session at the end.  5 Star ratings give you better placement on the site.  Which brings me to placement.    Placement on the site is worked out by many different factors.  The biggest factor for placement is whether you are using Streamates own broadcaster to stream, (which they prefer), its in beta stage at the moment and can be a little buggy.   Other factors can include, Steaming in HD Quality, Internet Speed, the hours you have put in, your star rating, money earned etc..


Streamate pays on a weekly basis (with a 3 week hold for new girls). Most webcam sites pay fortnightly or monthly. Payment options are Payoneer, Paxum, Wire transfer (USA Only) and Cheque.

There is so much more I could say about Streamate, it has been my main camsite this year, However you need to get on and give it a go for yourself to learn everything there is to known about streamate and what it can offer.

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