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Myfreecams Review from a Camgirl

Myfreecams is one of the big players of the Webcam world.  It is a token based site.  You run a chat room, where you set a topic, this topic can be a countdown to naked or a countdown to a Cum show. In Addition, you can also have a list of things members can tip you for: Ie:  5 spanks for 20 tokens.    My free cams also give you the option of taking private 1 on 1 shows or group shows.

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Myfreecams Review Continued:

My free cams have a large amount of camgirls on at anyone time (around 1000 to 1500).   The cam sites default lists the camgirls on the site in order of Camscore. Some Camgirls like this, some don’t.  Myfreecams default camscore is 1000.   Every new model starts at 1000, if you drop below 1000, your chat room will drop lower on the page.   If your score goes up, then your chat room will move further up the page, thus easier for new members to find you.    There are many different things that can effect your camscore, however being tipped (Both online & offline) is the biggest factor.

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Why Myfreecams?

I believe the reason why so many cam girls start on Myfreecams is because they have seen some of the big cam stars on it.  They see the money the top girls are raking in.  Most of the top girls live online everyday, they have made the decision to devote pretty much every hour of their day to their fans and followers.  In turn they are rewarded with large sums of money every month.  Hard Work.

My Free Cams can be a big money earner.   You really need to put the work in.  Set a regular schedule & stick to it, you need to make your cam room fun and inviting, you can hold raffles, play games, run competitions and much more.

Myfreecams isn’t for introverts.

You need to be happy, vibrant, social and entertaining on cam everyday.  So my personal review is like prefer private sites, but each to their own.  Myfreecams you have to always be thinking of new ideas and games to play in your cam room.  Remember you could have up to 1000 members in your room at one time (Normally it sits around 30 to 150 for the average girl). Can you keep 40 members entertained for up to 4 hours?

As with any chat site, it’s your chat room, you control the show.  In addition to reading this review, it is recommend to watch the  You Tube Tutorials before starting out, it will give you plenty of tips, so you are well prepared.

After reading the Myfreecams review, would you like to try it?

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