Bongacams Review

 Bongacams Review

I tried out Bongacams last year when it first started promoting for models.   I heard they had a capital injection and it was a new improved site, So why not give it go?

Bongacams started out as a European Site, but in 2016 they were advertising for more western models to join.  Now, of course every one has a different opinion, this review is from my own personal experience.

The first few times on I logged onto Bonga, it was good, had a few privates, tokens were being paid in free chat.   Then I noticed each time I logged on over the months, there were less tokens being given, less privates, it got to the point that it was struggle getting anymore than 1 token out of the members.

A lot of the members were free loaders asking for everything and anything for free.  A lot of the members don’t speak English.  I felt like a bit of a broken record “please repeat in English”

I think that the members that were spending at the start had moved onto other sites. The members were probably like the new models, just testing out the new site that was being promoted heavily everywhere.

So after a few months, as soon as I reached my last payout, I jumped ship and closed my account.   It was a shame, because I did like the layout of the site, and the range of features that they had., Bongacams, Bonga cams, Bonga camgirls, Bonga, Bonga Models, Bongacams review, Bonga review, Bongacam review, Camgirl Review

Things I did like about Bonga were:

  • Customer Service was second to none.
  • Payouts were fast and reliable.
  • The in house streaming program was fantastic and easy to use.
  • They have competitions running for bonus points all the time.

The site has many valuable reasons why it can be a good site.  Sadly it just didn’t fit right with me.

In saying that, I do know a few cam girls that are still making bank on Bongacams and it suits them.

You never know, everyone has a different chat room type and different hustle style.

If you would like to try out Bongacams for yourself (it doesn’t cost to anything to try) then Join Here


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