Smoking Fetish

Smoking Fetish

Smoking fetish is a sexual fetish which is derived from the smoking of  pipes, hookahs, cigarettes, and cigars.  watching another person smoke.  There are several different aspects and reasons why a person can be aroused by smoking. Usually it’s by watching a attractive female smoke.

Smoking fetish is also known as Capnolagnia.  I have found through my experience it’s usually a male fetish, and generally a woman doing the smoking.  It also helps if she’s wearing very bright colored lipstick, especially ruby red.  I’ve seen some very alluring previews of girls who have a black backdrop and the light is on the smoke, I don’t know whether it’s lightening effects or not, but it actually looks pretty good.  The contrast of the white/grey smoke playing with the air verus the black backdrop.

How can you benefit from smoking fetish in a cam show or by producing fetish clips?

Men simply love watching a cloud of smoke coming out towards the camera.  Over and over again.  Again from my experience, they also love a “smoking blowjob” clip.

Think back to the 1980’s, cigarettes were seen as cool.   Super models were doing advertisements and TV Commercials for them.   They always wore deep red lipstick they presented a prestigious and even an alluring presence.  Women that smoked were portrayed as single, independent, and conveyed the attitude of doing whatever they wanted.  Men saw those women and wanted to offer a “smoke” or a “light” just to get that woman’s attention.

smoking fetish

By Kelly Hau from New York

For a fetish clip, you could show a beautiful kind of drag and then remain silent and until you finally smile, then exhale.  Use your eyes, give the camera a bit of a come hither look.

Of course we all know the dangers of smoking, I am by no means saying you should go out and start!   This is strictly for those camgirls who already smoke and want to explore this fetish further.

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Stay tuned for next week’s fetish….



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