Sell Your Used Panties Online For Cash

Sell Your Used Panties Online For Cash

On top of Webcam Sites and Clip Stores, there are other ways to make money in the Adult Industry.  Selling used panties is something you could consider as a side egg.   Not only panties, you can sell stockings, socks, bras, really anything that there is a market for.   I myself have even sold some of my inflatable products that have featured in my clips.   There are a few ways you can go about selling your panties, you can offer them to customers doing cum shows, or you can promote them on your website or twitter, even on your snapchat.

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Here are some tips to help with selling your panties online

1. Take proper pictures.

Modelling the panties yourself is a very good way to attract potential buyers because it makes the item appear authentic.

2. Don’t be quick to seal the deal

When posting your panties online, always give a proper description of who you are.   The reason for this, is unfortunately there are many fake scams out there.  Give the buyer a little insight into your word. Doing so will make you appear genuine and not a fraud as there are many of those online.

3. Never part ways with your panties without payment confirmation

Scamming does work both ways, it is not just sellers who can scam people; buyers can also be equally as sneaky too which makes it important to ensure that fully payment is received for you panties before you send them over.

4. Put them in tissue paper to soak up excessive moisture before sealing them in a zip lock bag.

5. Put them in the freezer before taking them to the Post Office if it’s a few hours wait.



6. Make sure you stand out

Before making your listing go live, you do not want it to be just like everything else that is out there. Take your time to customise it a little and put the work in. If you are a dancer, Camgirl or a barista, put that in your post and have a cool title as well.


8. Capitalise on your success

If posting provocative pictures helps bring buyers to your post, you have to take full of advantage of that as use it as a marketing strategy. Put in the work and you will see the fruits of your labour very soon.

9. Be careful with postage laws in your country!

10.  Always give multiple price options – $10 extra for an extra day wear. or $20 extra for cum in them etc..

11. You’ll be surprised that a lot of panty buyers, love your really old falling apart panties, not the brand spanking new fresh ones!


Popular websites to sell your panties

Now that you are familiar with the tips above, it is time to grab all your used panties and pick the best platform to put them up for sale. The list below ranges from sites that charge users a fee for using their services while some of them don’t. Depending on the level of finances you have, you have to pick the best option that suits you because they are all different from one another in terms of payment fees and have their benefits and drawbacks which must be considered.

1. Your own website or any of your own social media platforms.     I advertise them everywhere I can, I even have a dedicated Instagram separate from my main Mainstream just for panties. (@avaspanties)


2. Reddit

There are several sub-reddits that you can advertise your panties for sale.

Pros: Plenty of buyers and sellers are available here which can make selling very simple and it is easy to start selling on reddit if you have plenty of subscribers who can also spread the word about your items.

Cons: You can easily get trolled if people do not like your products or how you look and you might give people glimpses into your personal life if you are constantly posting personal information over there.


3. Pantydeal

This is the first of three websites on this list that actually charges you a fee for using it and is not free like the ones above.

Pros: There are plenty of customers over there and it is easy to communicate with buyers because messages can be exchanged instantly.

Cons: You have to pay a fee of $19 a month to have full access as far as selling is concerned.


  • Please note I have not used the site myself, so cannot give you a proper review.

4. Panty Zoo

This is also another website which requires some sort of fee on you listing.

Pros: Registration is free, you can use your webcam and if you want extra services, you can have them for a small fee.

Cons: Although registration is free you will still need to pay to boost your adverts and it is a very tough website to get around.


  • Please note I have not used the site myself, so cannot give you a proper review.

5. My Used Panty Store

The last website on this list is My Used Panty Store and this website just like the previous 2 requires some sort of payment to be paid

Pros: Seller with low rating get banned, it has a feedback system in place which helps eliminate time wasters and trolls and buyers are not required to use PayPal.

Cons: The site charges a yearly subscription fee of $25 which can put people off


  • Please note I have not used the site myself, so cannot give you a proper review.

6. Ebanned

I have tried ebanned once and feel that it’s not worth it, but have heard some girls do well there.  Best you try it for yourself.


I hope this article has given you some fresh ideas on how to make some extra money on the side.   Please be warned that you cannot accept “paypal or square pay or google wallet” or anything similar directly as a Camgirl or anything related to the Adult Industry.    Don’t make that mistake.   Do yourself a favour and go through a adult friendly payment processor like “indiebill” or Use your onlyfans account (the tipping feature).

Enjoy Girls xx (or guys!!)

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