Promoting Your Brand – Promoting Yourself As A Camgirl

Promoting Your Brand – Promoting Yourself As A Camgirl

The most frequent question I hear all the time from cam girls is “Can I be a successful cam girl without promoting myself?”.

In simple terms, you could be, yes.  However, even if it’s for just a few hours a week, wouldn’t you want to increase your earning potential?  Do you want to just earn enough to get by or do you want to build your brand. Do you want to be as successful as you can be?  Read on to learn how easy promoting your brand really is.

To be a successful cam girl you want as many regular clients as possible, basically you need to gain a following.  Social Media is the best way of promoting your brand, although with this line of work, we need adult friendly platforms. Lets go through the most popular Social Media platforms available at the moment.

facbook promotion, promoting your brand

No!  Just No. Please stay away from Facebook for anything cam girl related.  Facebook is not adult friendly, you will end up banned. There is no point wasting your precious time promoting yourself on Facebook.  You also don’t want to use your real name, you’re promoting your brand name, not your real name.  So lets move on.

twitter promotion, promoting your brand

Twitter is the most popular & preferred choice of most camgirls.  If you post frequently, you will gain new followers every single day, and at the same time you’ll be letting your regulars know your cam schedule.  For example;  if you are going away on holiday or are sick, post it on twitter, this will let all your followers know where you are.  It’s also very good to post a pic of yourself as soon as your going live on cam, to let everyone know you are working and are ready for a session.

Twitter uses Hashtags as a search term. When you post to twitter, make sure you use relevant hashtags for people to search on, I.e #Camgirl, #Chaturbate, #Fetish, #Pantyhose, #Nylons.#livecam #onlinenow etc.  Also Twitter has a lot of camgirl promotion accounts that will retweet your tweet to their followers.  Such as @ratemyass1 or @vixylive .  If you post a pic of your booty or a Hot Sexy Smirk, tag ratemyass1 or Vixylive, they may retweet your pic to all their followers.   There are thousands of big retweet accounts on twitter, try and find as many as you can, follow them and tag them in your tweets.   Don’t forget that Camgirlhelp is on Twitter too, and will help with promotion.    I am working on a new page dedicated to listing all the retweet accounts for camgirls.  Stay Tuned!

tumblr promotion, promoting your brand

Many camgirls have a tumblr , tumblr can be adult friendly (but not always). I must say that I don’t actually use it that much.  So I won’t say much about it, other than I find it fantastic that it connects to Instagram.  If you post to Instagram, it automatically posts to tumblr too.  In this industry getting your picture and name out to as many places as you can is our aim.

instagram promotion, promoting your brand

Instagram is a great social media platform as it’s has millions and millions of viewers, however you have to be careful what you post.  NO NIPPLES.   Nipples is a sure fire way to get your account deleted.   There are plenty of shoutout accounts on Instagram, all you have to do is send them a pic.  They will shout you out on their page and this helps with gaining more followers.

snapchat promotion, promoting your brand

Snapchat used to be the “king of nudes”, however recently the new terms and conditions have changed that.  Snapchat focus’s more on fun & filters now.  However there are still millions of users on snapchat.   Creating a free public account, posting a few pics every few days will do wonders for getting followers. Where do I find these followers you ask?  Easy.  Cross reference all your social media sites.  Add your snapcode on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr,  you can even advertise your snapchat username on some of your Cam Sites and Content sites.  There is also a great new app now called Ghost Codes, if you had yourself too it, people will find your profile by similar interests.

Lets talk about “takeover accounts”, takeover accounts let you feature on their snap for either a hour or two or even a whole day. During this time, you can promote yourself, your snap, your content, anything you want.  Some takeover accounts have up to 30,000 followers watching.  Thats a huge audience to market to when it only takes you a few minutes to take a few teaser pictures.  All the major tube sites, like pornhub, Redtube, xhamster etc.. have snapchat takeover accounts available t cam girls.  Most big camsites have also started up accounts.

Here is a Video Tutorial on How to do a Snapchat Takeover:

Promoting Your Brand

Periscope is the new kid on the block, well as far as I’m aware anyway.   You can go live for 10 mins a day (or only once a week – totally your choice) just to chat to people, say hi, promote what you do, answer any questions etc..   if they like you, they follow you, you can promote your twitter and cam sites while online too.

Reddit Promotion, Promoting your brand

It’s pretty hard to get traffic from reddit unless your smart in the way that you do it.  You can’t spam the site with links everyday you will be banned.  However it’s always good to occasionally put a link to your store in a sub reddit.   Go through and search all sub-reddits that are applicable to your niche.  I have 3 sub-reddits, I have just created – Camgirhelp, Sassyava and Fetishforums.  Bookmark the subreddit you could posts links on (say Foot fetish?) and then maybe add a picture every few days, as I said, please don’t spam. Or otherwise like myself, another way to promoting your brand, is to open up your own sub-reddit and getting a following.

You Tube Promotion, Promoting your brand

Some cam girls have success at using You Tube, some don’t.  It’s VERY non adult friendly, so you have to be extremely careful with what kind of videos you post.

Major Tube Sites Promotion

Do a few teaser videos only showing a little bit, just to get people’s attention and throw them up on the big tube sites. These free tube sites get millions of hits every single day, it’s worth it just for the advertising to get your brand name out there.  Make sure you use a nice watermark across your video to grab the viewers attention.  Your personal website watermark is usually the best to use.

Fetish Forums 

If you have branched out into creating content for a particular fetish, then I recommend you joining all the relevant forums for said fetish and start chatting with the members, now be careful not to spam with your links.  Use it more for reference and making a name for yourself, the fetish guys will respect that.

 Well thats all the information about promoting your brand for this time, I hope you enjoyed reading and it brings you some success.

If you have any further questions about promoting your brand or about camgirl help, please contact us.