Onlyfans – New Earning Opportunity!

Onlyfans – New Earning Opportunity For Cam Girls!

Onlyfans is a new adult friendly social media platform that subscribers have to pay before seeing your content.  Similar to a private twitter account, however fans have to pay a monthly price to gain access. It’s the perfect alternative to Snapchat , now that Snapchat have started deleting accounts for nudity. is a website, however it also has an app to download.  Of course users need to be at least 18 years of age to use this site and app.  Onlyfans allows you to select pictures and videos from your camera roll or you can use its in-built photo/video recorder to take impromptu shots. (Just like Snapchat) It also allows you to type in text and post it directly to your profile.

Its other special features include: addition of texts to posts without a character limit, an auto-tweet icon that allows you to send text from your Onlyfan profile to twitter, selection of up to 20 photos from the camera roll, direct messages, also pay to view messages , edit settings without having to exit the application as well as live stream with Fanscope.


Onlyfans allows anyone that produces their own content and posts it on social media to earn money. Be their endless selfies, video tutorials, instructions or tips, this application assures its users of fans who will be pleased to pay for their content – what’s more is that users are fully responsible for all their account activity therefore giving them full control over their content.

All you are required to do is to undertake free registration by providing your username, a valid e-mail address and a password, add your banking information – this includes any relevant legal information as well as valid identification, determine and set your monthly subscription rate and begin uploading your content.    What is best is that it’s not just for US Users. (Hooray!).

The more content you upload, the more fans will want to pay to subscribe to it!

Privacy Bits

This innovative application offers users a safe and secure platform by saving sensitive information such as name and address in separate fully encrypted servers. Financial information like bank account details and payment card are stored by compliant payment processors with full peripheral component interconnect.

Onlyfans further doesn’t store/access this information but rather holds a token which allows them to manage it only after verification is completed. With all the above in place, users are protected from internet security violations.

Payout Information

Onlyfans pays 80% commission on “sales” and a further 5% lifetime commission on referrals.  All you need to do is register, (which is simple as using your twitter to sign in) and post your referral link to your followers and take a seat, watching your earnings grow each passing day!

Surely it can be worth a try right?

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