Niteflirt Review

 Niteflirt Review

Niteflirt is an all-in-one site. This is why our Niteflirt review has it’s own category.   Primarily it’s known as a phone sex platform.  Niteflirt allows you to take phone calls, phone-with-cam calls (via Skype), you can sell content too. I.e: videos, audio recordings, text documents, & photos. While this site may not be as up-to-date as other sites, its longevity in the industry means that it has a large amount of members.

Signing up for Niteflirt is a fairly simple and straightforward process. Unlike other camming and content sites, Niteflirt requires you to provide a valid credit card as part of the signup process in addition to your photo ID. You can then use that card to add funds to your account for bidding, or you can leave your account empty.


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Do you know some HTML?


Niteflirt profiles and listings use basic HTML, similar to camsites like MyFreeCams and Chaturbate.  A fantastic resource is the Flirt Fourms where both free and paid HTML templates are available.  Profile and listing text are searchable, so creating text-heavy images on profiles and/or listings is not recommended.

Niteflirt has two ways of selling content. The first is through their “Goodies” section, where you can create “goodie bags” containing any combination of files (text, audio, video, images) for sale. The second method is through PTV (pay-to-view) emails where the recipient must pay to view and download the email attachments. It is highly recommended that you read the “Help” documents for Goodies and PTVs this will help with how to best to sell your content on Niteflirt.

Niteflirt Review Continued:

Success on Niteflirt requires some investment of time to get a profile set up, and it can take several days or even weeks to get that first call. Once you start getting calls, your listings will move up in the display order, exposing you to more potential callers. Some Flirts choose to bid for their listing to be featured higher in the display order than their natural ranking. Bidding can be an extremely successful way to increase the exposure for your listing or it can be an expensive disaster that results in no calls and a high amount of money spent.

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Some tips for bidding:

  • Do not bid until your listing is complete. Make sure your listing is attractive & inviting, as you are charged for clicks even if they do not call. The better your listing looks, the more likely a member is to call after clicking.
  • Do not bid more than you make in 1 minute on that listing. For example, if I charge $1.19/minute on a phone-only listing, I make $0.70/minute. Bid Under .70.
  • Set a bidding budget. I recommend enough for 10-15 clicks on your listing.  Initially it will help you decide whether or not it is working to bring in calls.

Liking the sound of our Niteflirt Review?

For camgirls who prefer not being on live cam, this site is a great option. Just think about answering the phone in your pj’s?


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