How much do camgirls make?

How Much Do Camgirls Make?

If I had a dollar for every-time I’ve seen or heard this question asked – How much do camgirls make?….  I would be rich. 🙂  The answer to the question is not so simple.  I’m afraid it’s hard to establish a “typical” yearly revenue for a camgirl because the job is too flexible.  Camgirls can work from a couple of hours per week up to 50 hours per week or more.  Moreover, live cam itself generally represents only one part of their revenue stream.

Camgirls often sell clips, custom clips, skype shows, memberships to their personal site, access to Kik or Snapchat.  A lot of cam models also sell used panties, stockings, socks, shoes, photosets or anything the clients requests really. They can also receive gifts from their regular customers and so on.  Hence, in order to understand cam girls earnings better, you need to stop considering them as “simply cam girls” altogether and think of them as web entrepreneurs.

Besides the different kind of revenue sources, there are also different conditions which can unfortunately dramatically impact their earnings.  In particular, there are the so called “studios” who take a substantial part of a camgirls income.

Overall cam girls earnings range from $0 to monthly reported incomes of $70K+.   In brief, it’s impossible to get a “typical number” however let’s  look into a few insights about the camming industry.  Please note that I use the word “generally” a lot because data is very hard to come by in this industry and nothing is white or black – it’s more like 50 shades of grey 🙂

How much do camgirls make, how much do cam girls make

  1. Camgirls main revenue sources

  • Camsites:

Most of the time camsites represents the bulk of the income of camgirls, and it’s also generally the “entry point” from which most other revenue sources come from: smart camgirls develop their own audience thanks to them and capitalize onto it down the road. We’ve been interviewing very successful camgirls though for our market research (in the $10 – $15 K reported monthly income, and they often reported that camsites now “only” represent about a third of their income). Camming being a live performance by nature, you can only do so much of it and need to scale onto other revenue sources to build up a great income.

There’s two main business models in camsites, and each of them features very different distribution of success among models – and hence of earnings – :

Token sites as they are called in the industry:

Camgirls earn the most of their money through tips in public show – meaning anyone can watch for free, but if nobody pays the show does not go forward. The 3 main ones are Myfreecams, Chaturbate and Bongacams.  Tokens are worth $0,05 to the camgirl generally and are purchased by customers between ~$0,08 & ~$0,17. On average those sites have a 50 – 60% revenue share in favor of the camgirl.

Camgirls that receive the most spectacular earnings belong to those sites because there is virtually no limit to the audience a camgirl can develop. For example, some chatrooms can have over 4000 simultaneous viewers at once.  Generally only a few percent of them do tip – but it does leave potential for extraordinary earnings, if the camgirl is talented at “milking” the audience.

Myfreecams is known for being the site which has the biggest earning potential, there’s about 1000 girls connected anytime of the day and the top 20 monthly reported earn between $30 000 & $70 000 per month in tips.  Chaturbate is the “rising star”, I’m not too sure how much the best webcam models do there. There is possibility to establish numbers for token sites since tips are mostly displayed publicly. (See below for more detail on this)

how much do cam girls make

Private based pay per minute sites:

Camgirls earn money for each minute spent by customers in paid chat and generally are in “Free chat” the rest of the time trying to convert visitors into paid

Customers pay between $1 and $15 per minute for paid chat, generally the model earns 30 to 50% of this amount 35% being average.  Top earners on those kind of sites reportedly earn up to $30,000 per month on the popular sites, more in the $15 000 mark for “medium” sized sites.  Depending on the site, when a cam girl is  already in paid chat, other customers have to flow toward other available cam girls whereas on “token sites” webchat rooms with the most viewers always attract more viewership. Completely different mechanics.

Another mechanic which makes averaging an “okay per hour earning” on pay-per-minute is the fact that it is actually easier for cam girls to work several pay-per-minute at the same time, essentially waiting for a paid show customer on any of them and then logging off from the cam sites once she has a request for private show. This is called “split-screening”.

  • Recorded clips:

Selling recorded clips is the second revenue source for camgirls.  There are even some who make clip sales their main income source.  The clips can be put on an adult clip site for sale, such as clips4sale or iwantclips or many others that have reviews on this site.  Although not only camgirls sell on clip sites, some camgirls pull in several thousands of dollars in sales monthly on those, many pulls in hundreds of dollars monthly. The clip site is responsible for bringing traffic and the model gets a 60% revenue share on the sales.

  • Membership site

Running a membership site is quite popular and some great solutions have emerged like modelcentro, but I’m not really aware how much camgirls manage to pull out of those.

  • Gift cards

    how much do camgirls make

Gift cards / gifts are big for camgirls because they are a very good way to move money around while getting pretty much 100% of what the customer is spending.

I’m too sure how much camgirls pull in Giftcards per month, it’s hard to know without statistics.

  2. The different “types” of camgirls:

Although there is no discrimination intended, for illustration sake there are three main stories to consider.

1) You have web models from western countries who decide to get into camming because they see a great business opportunity. They sometimes have a day corporate job or Uni aswell as camming. These are the camgirls with master degrees etc. It’s a beautiful story, it’s about empowerment, free-will and independence.

2) In-between is the rather cliché sex-work story of people who get started because of financial troubles.  It’s not what they would like to do and they wish to stop once they can get out of it. Given the motivation and the fact they’re not doing what they’d like to be doing, they’re not likely to develop the greatest incomes.

3) On the shady side, you’ve got the so called “studios” in rather under-developed countries, they pay camgirls to work.  (Philippine, Colombia & Romania being great examples of countries prone to ‘predatory studios’, although this can happen anywhere) Even if the girls generate great revenues, they’re likely to receive not so great income.  This is an incredibly sad.

Camgirls raking big money often belong to the first group, whereas camgirls in the second group are generally satisfied with an average wage.  I can not give figures for the third group.

3. Collecting data points:

To build up a better answer there’s few nice public data sources you can access to:

  • If you’re oriented on metrics, you can actually analyze tips on sites such as Chaturbate & Myfreecams.  For the most part tips are displayed publicly in chatrooms so that everyone can see the goal meter move forward.  Although customers can also tip secretly!
  • You can run a pretty similar kind of analysis private sites: prices are public as well as camgirls status allowing one to build up very nice graphs.

4. The main skill which makes a camgirl earn more:

People tend to think that camming is pretty much only for good looking models, however this is rather wrong.  The adult industry is filled with good looking performers, so looking good is not a unique value.  The key saying is, “there is someone out there for everyone” runs true in the adult industry.  Most regulars don’t really care about “sameness”, they want to emotional connection, and someone that will converse back.  Connecting and engaging creates a loyal fanbase which in turn provides a great income.   Camgirls often describe themselves as ‘part time psychologists’!  Although in saying all the above, looking great does indeed drives eyeballs and give more chances to connect.

6. Final words to the question “how much do camgirls make?”

Hopefully with these insights and the other great answers you can put together the answer you are looking for. Gathering data in this industry is always hard.

Thank-you to Gerald from *Getindiebill for his knowledge and insights.  **Indiebill is a new adult independent payment processor.

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