Giantess Fetish


Giantess Fetish otherwise known as Macrophilia is an intense sexual attraction to giant sized women, like really tall women.  In most cases, giantess fetishes are mere fantasies that inspire sexual feelings. I mean, how can one grow up to 1000 feet?

This is where as a webcam girl, POV plays a huge part.  Think about it, place a camera low down and point it up towards you to film, it does in fact make it look like you are a giant!   Males that are into Giantess fetish can’t get enough of this, just like we read about in feminization, it’s all about how you treat the client.  Treat and talk them like they are little men, tiny enough you could pick them up and eat them.  Typically Giantess fetish does cross path with Vore fetish quite a bit.   As we talked about in Foot Fetish, if you have one fetish, it’s highly likely you will have 2 or possibly more.

Giantess Fetish, Camgirl help


The opposite of Gaintess fetish is Shrinking fetish also known as Microphilia.  Shrinking fetish refers to people that love being in the position of power. Microphiles get sexually aroused by the idea of being bigger and more powerful than their partners. Generally speaking they tend to dominate and unpleasantly make their submissive partners please them.



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