Feminization also known as sissification, is the practice of switching genders. Generally speaking the male involved dresses as a female, which includes lingerie, make up, nails, high heels and hair.  A lot of sissy’s also take on a feminine voice when playing the female role. Furthermore will also use feminie mannerisms, almost like they are playing a charcter.

Feminization, sissy, fetish, feminization fetish


to make or become feminine. (Taken from Dictionary.com)

Males into feminization aren’t necessarily gay, in fact they can be straight or bi.  They simply find dressing up as a sissy a turn on.  Just like other fetishes, some like feet, some like latex,  some like watching porn, this is no different?  The taboo nature of wearing female clothing comes into play here.  I’ve told countless clients to go to work wearing female panties for the day undernearth, they get a huge thrill and noone knows any better.

Sissies respect people who make them feel feminine in every sense of the word.  Sissies do not care if they have to dress like a maid, or like a school girl, they care feeling feminine.  Feminization is sometimes used in Dominate/Submissive relationships.  In fact, 99.9% Sissys are submissive men aroused at the idea of submitting to a powerful dominate woman.  A femdom will order her submissive to be a “sissy slut” , sometimes even going to the length of humilatiing them for enjoying it.  Lets leave humilation for another page, as that is category all to itself.

       In Summary, feminization is submissive men acting as a female.

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