Female Domination Fetish

Female Domination Fetish

Female Domination is a sexual fetish where sub-missives (either male or female) become sexually aroused at being controlled and dominated.  The Mistress also known as a “Female Dominatrix” has 100% control over her Submissive every need. She can treat them, humiliate them, use them, or even make them inflict pain on themselves.   There are many sub category fetishes, under the board “Female Domination” term.   Fetishes like Erotic Humiliation, CBT, SPH, CEI, Financial Domination,  Orgasm Denial, Chastity, Foot Slaves, Goddess Worship and even Feminization.  The idea is that the submissive has deep desires he/she craves and the Femdom orders the submissive to carry these desires out. Generally the scene has been already discussed and consent has been given prior to playing out.

I found that before I became a Femdom, I has already been very natural dominate my whole life.  In fact, I basically hated not being in control.  To play the part of a Pro-Domme, you need this deep rooted dominating desire.  Having someone under my complete control, and knowing that I can make them do anything, gives me immense power, almost to the point of arousal.  I don’t need a latex clad body and whips to do that, I prefer sensual domination with my sultry voice.    Every femdom is unique

female domination, femdom

Bikini Body Worship by Femdom Ava


It’s actually quite common for high level executives to be submissive in their private life.   To be a submissive is to give your power over to someone else completely for a particular time frame.  For the high level executives, this gives them a work/life balance, they use the time to relax and let someone else take total control.  If you remember the iconic scene in the wolf of wall street, where the female domme is taking control of the main actor, dripping hot wax over his bare behind while he calls out “woffy”.  One of the good things to come out of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” craze is that it introduced a lot of women to BDSM.  Of course the book had a dominate male lead, but it still introduced the world to the idea of “kinky sex”.

One of the many good reasons to have kinky sex is many relationships fail due to infidelity. Generally speaking, regular sex becomes boring after a while, and one partner may wanders.  We humans need new and exciting.  New and exciting doesn’t necessarily need to be ‘someone’ new, if you are willing to try ‘something’ new.

Femdom POV Style Clips

There are several different forms of Female Domination.  There is femdom online, generally clips and sessions are done in a POV style. (as seen in the store links below).  Additionally there are Professional Dommes who hold in person sessions with contract sub-missives or have “cash point meets”.  Alternatively lifestyle femdom is where a relationship stretches out past the playroom.

Quite a bit of femdom play can involve spanking, servitude, CBT, foot fixation, body worship, public embarrassment and specific types of pain. Also in some play situations, gender reversal can play a part. i.e –  cross-dressing and pegging the submissive through the strap on dildo.  Sexual denial of male satisfaction is also common, as the focus is on the sexual satisfaction of the woman. Male chastity is also very common with female domination.

All these variations can be played out in a POV style clip for online femdoms.  You simply pretend the camera is in fact the submissive during a clip. I must say my favourite is humiliation and blackmail. I once asked a submissive to sit in a bath full of baked beans for 10 mins and send photos as evidence so I could use them as a form of social media blackmail.  (of course blessing is always given prior, ). You need to know the difference between fantasy and reality here with your submissive.  In saying that some submissives do actually want you to blackmail them in real life. I strongly suggest you don’t.

female domination, femdom

Female domination in general

There are the same number of female dominants as there are male dominants, and even the female dominants can give as much satisfaction and satisfaction to their tame accomplices as the normal male dominant can. Here is some information about the female dominant and their part in the BDSM society.

Female Dominants are genuine Dominants. Female dominants are the ladies who feel an inclination to control other individuals. These individuals can either male or female. The female dominant sees herself, and is, equivalent to the male dominant in all regards in the BDSM society. At times, a female dominant may choose to get into a relationship with a male dominant. However the relationship can be totally vanilla, that implies, the relationship might not have any kinks or fixations that are identified with the BDSM society.

If the idea of being a Femdom appeals to you, there are many Femdom POV clips online you can watch to give you more of an idea about the fetish.  Here is a link to some of my Free Femdom Clips.  and if you would like to see more, here is a link to my femdom store


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