Feedee Fetish or Feeder Fetish

Feedee Fetish or Feeder Fetish

The act of being fed and feeding itself evokes a sense of community between two individuals.  It naturally forges bonds and elicits good conversation. A feeder is a male who experiences erotic pleasure from feeding a female called a feedee. Feeders are also known as chubby chasers and fat appreciators. They find sexual pleasure in their feedee’s extreme fullness. Weight gain progression has become more and more popular on the internet over the past few years. Sexual fantasies are made into reality between people who find being overweight or obese very sexy.

The shared fetish of a feedee and a feeder is gaining more attention. The community which specifically revolves around this fetish is largely dominated by males. They consist of guys who are looking for overweight women to feed. Discreet online websites allows these men to openly explore their taboo fetish online.

The most popular way of getting in touch with these women is by visiting webcam shows on the internet. It offers a wonderful medium for feeders to find their most desirable candidates for feeding. They are able to have their sexual fantasies fulfilled without having to exert much effort. Webcam shows online feature a great selection of feedees who are specifically paid to gorge themselves for the feeders’ pleasure.

feedee fetish, feeder fetish

How can you as a camgirl use this fetish?

A camgirl could fulfill this fetish by participating in belly play. This involves a woman erotically touching her growing stomach.  It can also go under the “gaining weight” cataegory on Clips4sale. A few webcam girls are actually sent gifts such as an assortment of fattening foods to satiate the feeder’s sexual desires. You can satisfy the desires of your feeder by eating a variety of foods which are popularly known to cause weight gain. Playfully rub your stomach and tease your feeder about how full you are.

Let him know that you couldn’t take any more food in your mouth but you are still willing to do so to satisfy his craving. Slowly eat your food and bite into it sensually to provide extra pleasure for your feeder.
Online admirers always crave for webcam girls to stuff themselves with an overflowing amount of food. It gives them great pleasure to see a feedee’s discomfort in trying to eat more food while she is already too full. The feedee and feeder relationship is considered as a sexual orientation in today’s society. The feeder obtains a sense of dominance and power towards the feedee. They find great pleasure in knowing that they have caused the physical changes in the woman’s body. Ultimately, the goal of the feeder is to make his partner become severely obese.
As a feedee, you should learn about erotic ways on how to fulfill your online admirer. You should observe which types of food provides him the most pleasure so that you can feature more of that specific food. Make sure to showcase your growing stomach in the webcam to make your feeder experience an intensified level of fulfillment. Be confident in your body shape and know that your feeder is expecting you to gain more weight for his own sexual pleasure.

Don’t forget to turn the tables aswell.  Be the feeder!   Tell the camera how much you love it when you see them overeat.  I’m sure you get the picture.


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