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Camsites – What do you actually get paid?

Webcam sites offer all different payout percentages.  Do you want to know the payout percentages of each popular  camsites?  Here in this 7 minute Clip, I go through each of the popular webcam sites and I tell you what the payout percentage is for webcam models.  One would think that it would be an average across the board rate, but that is not the case at all.  Payment from each of the websites can greatly vary, however you have to take in mind that the traffic on each of the camsites can also vary.

Hopefully you will take these percentages into consideration when you are thinking of either trying a new site or starting as a fresh webcam model.  I’ve done the research and hard work, so girls like myself (or boys) can make informed choices about their career choice.

If you would like to join any of the webcam sites mentioned in the above video, I have included a direct link to the sign up page here below:


In Summary, for those of you who are thinking of starting as a webcam model, that’s fantastic.  Some of the model sign up links are affiliate links, however the majority of them aren’t.   I take pride in the fact that I’m helping girls out in the industry instead of them signing up with studios.  Additionally don’t forget to show your support to this site by clicking on the ads and share my posts on all the social media platforms.

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