Kinkbomb Review By A Camgirl

Kinkbomb Camgirl Review

Kinkbomb has recently undergone a redesign, as with all adult clip sites, they need to be constantly evolving to suit the growing industry.   The sites signup process is fairly simple and straight forward, and to open multiple studios is just as easy.  Many Camgirls have two or more stores,  for example, Fetish/Femdom/Vanilla,  it makes it easier on the members to find the clips they want that way.

A benefit to this adult clip site is the option to upload multiple files by FTP, FTP uploading makes a camgirls life simple!  Kinkbomb also takes the work out of uploading multiple versions of a video aswell.   If you upload the highest-resolution MP4, it immediately converts it into all other formats. No other adult clipsite currently offers this service.


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Ass Slave by Femdom Goddess Ava

More Pro’s and Cons of Kinkbomb

Kinkbomb also allows you to create a GIF Video preview for your clips aswell as your own. However since the redesign the GIF tool has been very slow, and so uploading your own GIF can make the upload process quicker.  One of the best features I have found with this site, is out of all the Adult Clip Sites, this one is the fastest to upload a new clip too.  When you are doing 5 sites in a row all at once, this is very valuable.

Kinkbomb is known throughout the industry as a Femdom orientated site, fetish and vanilla content generally doesn’t sell that well. The majority of advertising and structure of the site leans heavily to female domination. So for camgirls who do fetish and Vanilla porn content, there may be some better sites to choose.


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Another downside, is that has chosen to heavily rely on their “featured studios” for income.   They rely on promoting top-selling content heavily, that lets the smaller camgirls get lost in the site. Hopefully the site listens to feedback and changes it to suit everyone, as it has a great layout and features.

Lastly but not least, Payment is once a month after month close.  Kinkbomb offers 60% across the board for sales and has multiple payout options available. Minimum payout is $50.

If you would like give Kinkbomb a try  Click here to Sign up.