Clips4sale Review

Clips4sale Review

Clips4sale is the largest & longest running fetish content website.  In the first place, clips4sale can be quite confusing and lets face , it’s not that easy to navigate.  Don’t let that discourage you.  Keep reading our clips4sale review to see why c4s has the most money earning potential of all Adult Clip Sites.  Similarly c4s dominates the fetish clip industry and has done so for quite some time.

Where to start?

To create a brand new clips4sale store, first of you will need to sign up, choose your store name, fill in the details, supply your paperwork etc… (Sign up link is below)   Once thats all taken care of, you need to film 10 new clips.   Now a few girls always get stuck here, as they complain they don’t have a camera or know what to do.   Then use your phone to record!  Together with Windows Movie Maker that comes free with Windows.   After all you don’t need to start with the best of everything, you can upgrade over time.  Please do not forget to watermark.  Piracy is a big issue in the clip industry.

Stuck for ideas?

If you are stuck as to what to do for 10 different videos, check out the site, click on every category.  Write down the ones you think will be easy to film.  Nose blowing?  Balloon Popping? Foot Fetish? Boob Worship? Housework? Even Vacuuming!  Yes, there is a Vacuum fetish category, they love the sound of the items being sucked up into the vacuum.    Take a look at the Top 50 clips in each category, have a look at what sells well, what they do in the clip. Write notes.  Now, of course you can’t copy other people’s clips, you will need to add your own flair to your clips.   Once you have your 10 clips, upload them to the site, write decent descriptions, as they can be a huge selling point, then ask Clips4sale admin to activate your store.

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Clips4sale review continued:


There are literally hundreds of categories to choose from for new clips to film everyday.  It’s equally important to do a little google search on a fetish before you film it. Moreover, it doesn’t take long, and it may improve the sales of your clips.  Furthermore there is a list of popular fetishes on the right hand side of this site for your reference.

Clips4sale Payment Information

Clips4sale offers a Payout of 60% for Clip Sales and 75% for any Tips, payments are made a week after month close.  Of course payout options are Bank Transfer, Cheque and just newly Payoneer. I know some of you must be thinking that only receiving 60% of the income isn’t much.   Comparatively, I will be explain in another article (as it will fill up an entire page) the in’s and outs of the adult industry & payments. Lets just say, from an experienced camgirl, it’s a good rate.   Personally, I love Payoneer, it’s so easy for International girls to receive their money.  The card supplied can be used like any ATM card.  If don’t have an account, you can – Click here to sign up for payoneer.

More Clips4sale tips?

To succeed on clips4sale, I suggest uploading new clips everyday.  In brief, clips can be between 3 minutes and 20 minutes (or more).  You can price your clips usually around $1 per minute.   Problems with not updating your store everyday is it might get lost and customers won’t be able it.  Clips4sale feature the most recently updated stores on the front page on a rotating basis.  Take advantage this exposure by updating daily.    Not to mention that if a clip sells well, it will be featured in the top 50 category.  It may stay there for a few weeks, depending on whether it’s a fast moving category or not.  After all, if a clip sells well in one category, make more!

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my clips4sale review, I suggest you try the site out, see what works and most of all, enjoy yourself!  🙂


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